Welcome to Mauritius, island of emotions

As islanders, we have lived our childhood on the beaches or on the water. Both our dads have shared their passion for the ocean with us. Today, we live this passion and carry on theirs, by being sailmakers or sail recyclers. Together we welcome you in our world of sailing, in our beautiful Mauritius island.

Our aim is to help you through your sailing journey, whether you are looking for some maintenance assistance, or for some trendy nautical accessories. We stand for environmental friendly production, and we try our best to contribute to healthier way of life for our planet earth.

Our companies

* Meet MU Sailmakers, the one & only sail making company on the island, since 1999. The 500sq.m loft offers a large range of services for all kind of boating : sail repairs and maintenance, sail design and manufacture, lazy bags, boat cushions, trampolines … Our crew aim to give best satisfaction to all customers with high quality standards we refer to.

* Meet Save A Sail, the little sister, born in 2012. Our team works on recycling everything that is left aside : old and unusable sails, unreparable kites, any kind of sailcloth that could be reused and transformed. Nothing is lost as we give it a second life by turning them into all kind of unique bags & accessories. It is all 100% Made in Mauritius, original and genuine.

“Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun.” – Don Miguel Ruiz