In 2010, when Julien started working at MU Sailmakers, he quickly noticed the huge amount of sails that was left aside when yacht owners came to collect their new sails. He wanted to find a way to recycle them – and the idea came up with turning them into bags and all kind of accessories. Marine joined him on the project, and a the end of 2012, Save A Sail was born. From craft markets to hotels boutiques, word of mouth helping, the brand found its place on the mauritian market.

“The idea was to transform old and unusable sails into unique bags and accessories. Each product would wear the story of the sail it is made of, and would be one of the kind.” We want to give a second life to everything that can be reused and upcycled. Our brand stands for environmentally production, as we try our best to find a new life for everything : it is no always about sails, but also some inox gromets, ropes, kite strings, windsurf bags…

Save a Sail Workshop

Our workshop is located in the mezzanine where we work on creating and making new products depending on the recycling fabric we have. All our collections are different from one another as it is always a challenge to create from different textures or colours. Our crew now counts 5 members in the workshop, and a newcomer in sales & markering team.

We trust in strong collaboration with MU Sailmakers as it is a whole process from sail making to sail recycling. When a new customer come to them to design a new sail, they often work the pattern from the old one – which they keep when the new is ready. We can then clean it, select the reusable parts and start work on the new collection ! When it’s ready, we are happy to giveaway one or two bags to the owner of the sail, kind contributor of the sail upcycling activity.

A state of mind…

The name says it all ! Save A Sail is a world of trendy creations, being unique and practical at the same time. All our products are 100% handmade in Mauritius, with great concern for detail. Through our strong partnership with the Sailmakers, we use top of the range material, meeting hight quality standards for our products. The bags and accessories are designed to share the magic of the sea, and the passion for ocean that we have. We aim to make you travel through our original collections of one-of-the-kind products, which wears stories and dreams of the sail they are made of…

We have recently opened our showroom and factory shop. You can now visit us at the loft and shop from us – or even order your customised item !

The Crew


Founder & Managing Director




Pattern-Marker & Machinist


Cutting workstation







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