Sail Consultant & Designer

Originally born in Mauritius, Julien grew up learning to sail and race on his father’s boats.

In 2010 he developed a passion for sailmaking while racing semi-professionally on all kind of boats from dinghies to super yachts. Often during this time, Julien found himself assisting with sail repair and maintenance. Wanting to develop a fuller understanding of the sailmaking process, he started working with Rob Stevenson which ultimately led to him co-operating and co-owning the loft. In less than ten years, Julien significantly helped the company grow to become a well-known reference in the Indian Ocean.

In 2013, Julien became owner of MU Sailmalers with the intent of continuing the strong and proud tradition of quality sailmaking.

Julien’s job is to go onboard and take measurements, to discuss with customers to make sure there is perfect understanding of what is requested. Back in the factory he is the one who designs and plots the sails.